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By The Red Phone Box

Our vision was to create a wonderful get away, with as low a carbon footprint as possible. The accommodation is off grid apart from mains water. Other features include solar powered lights and both hot water and cooking are heated by propane gas. The shower, toilet and washing up facilities are provided in our converted Rice horse box, this has been lovingly restored to create a quirky but practical, and we like to think luxurious shower and composting toilet. There is no Wi-Fi. Most mobile networks will work within the field and lane if you wander about! 

We love where we live, and we want to share it with you!

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Nestled in view of Clee Hill on the edge of the Teme Valley the scenery and wildlife are both diverse and beautiful. Bird song is the back ground during the day, just see how many species you can spot, look out for the butterflies too and in the pool Great Crested Newts, and listen out for the hooting owl, fox, muntjac and badger at night whilst star gazing at the unspoilt skys.


Up-cycled items create the right feel that supports our environmentally friendly ethos. We want our little project to take as little as possible from the Earth’s resources and alongside this, we are a Red Tractor approved farm which endeavours to farm as responsibly as possible. We have also taken part in the 2018 / 2019 Princes Countryside Trust Resilience Group and we are in the mid tier countryside stewardship which will include a rainwater harvesting system and hedge laying.


Bird song will be the background to your stay with star lit skies at night.

Located on the Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Shropshire border, we are Ian and Emma; a husband and wife team. We have two young boys, Jack & Sam, and together we farm sheep & beef cattle, with a few outdoor free range pigs, horses, dogs, guinea fowl and chickens. 

There is a small honesty shop outside the house where Jack and Sam sell eggs and any surplus garden produce to the local residents and on the nearby caravan park (it is becoming a co-operative and neighbours and friends drop off and sell too)

We have around 400 breeding ewes and 30 cows & calves along with our bull. We also have two Berkshire Pigs and a Bore who live out and provide pork, sausages and burgers for us, visitors, family & friends. 

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